The exhibition Sleepers shows scenes from different places in the world, where mostly young people suffer consequences of global market. Sleep is a form of non violent resistance; or in other case just a response of the body to the unbearable working pressure. Sleep is also associated with sleeping mind – the blindness of populations – sometimes unconscious and sometimes desired blindness / sleep, because the reality is too hard to accept. Sleeping Chinese worker – after 16 hours shift asked to work overnight, sleeping African clandestine on the beach of Tangier – after nights of trying to cross the border between the camions, sleeping occupy protester in the tents somewhere in America… These are some of the scenes portrayed on the show.
Through classical media – paintings, objects and text-this darker side of our universe is explored and presented to visitors of Nastupiste 1-12 in Topolcany, Slovakia – unconventional cultural unit in the corridor under bus station.
In rather small Slovak town Topolcany the struggle of individuals around the globe seems as a distant issue, yet we live in a world that is deeply interconnected.  And as  Goya´s etching says-sleep of mind produces monsters.
The writing under the whale:
Human age doesn´t mean for a planet much more then for a whale breach for one breath in.
How would you visually imagine earth as one living organism? As something strong and fragile at the same time, something responding, reacting to our actions? I was looking for an image to illustrate this idea. That led me to the vision of the city on the back of the whale: while the city is over the sea level, the whale swims under it. It is a question of will and question of time, if the whale will hold the city, or just dive into deep waters.
I was invited to paint this image in the public corridor under bus station of Topolcany in Slovakia. The town has its own complicated history – once small historic town went through industrialization during socialism, then privatization in the new regime and finally under the effects of globalization, only few factories survived. A new wood based heating factory was build – in winter a building that each day consumes a few camions of wood, a little piece of forest. The heating factory with wood surrounding it becomes one of the sites appearing on the top of the whale. The others are furniture factory, beer factory/brewery (topvar used to be last beer brewed by Slovak, locally owned brewery, now it is called by international corporation and brewed outside of topolcany), train station, historical villa that suffered through violent reconstruction that will turn it into a casino with underground parking , and others.
The way we treat nature, the way we treat our land, our heritage, our urban space affects us and our future.